Hi, I’m Ellie and this is my story of how I thought up and started KidKnits.  My mom and dad brought Immaculee Ilibagiza to Austin last year and I started thinking really deeply about Rwanda.  Immaculee is from Rwanda and she seemed special to me because, even though she is from Rwanda, she still seemed like people I knew.  She was not any different.  I started thinking that if people in Rwanda aren’t any different than you and me, they should be able to have food and go to school just like us.  I didn’t know that there were kids in Rwanda having to get up and work all day instead of go to school.  Last year, my mom also met a lady named Diana Wiley who works for True Vineyard Ministries.  She works with widows and their families in Rwanda.  I learned about how they had merino sheep and were making yarn from the wool.  
    I had learned to knit the past summer when my best friend’s mom taught my Girl Scout troop how to knit on a round loom.  I thought it was really fun and I made hats for everyone in my family.  I was in the car this past summer on a road trip with my family.  My two sisters were asleep and I thought this would be a good time to share my idea with my parents.  I said that maybe if True Vineyards would give us yarn, we could knit hats and then give them money.  The conversation went on and on and we figured out that instead of knitting hats, we should sell knitting craft kits so that you and your friends can learn to knit. 
    My knitting craft kit is for people of all ages.  They are perfect birthday presents, wedding presents, and other kinds of presents.  Think about it, if you buy this nice and fun craft kit, you can help someone’s family go to school and eat food on the other side of the world.  I think that’s great.  I hope you have as much fun knitting as I do!

Ellie, age 9, Founder of KidKnits