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Our complete service-learning curriclum, including videos and downloads for all student handouts, is included with all of our school and youth group orders. You will find that our video tutorials, curriculum videos, and lesson plans are creative, engaging, and easy to implement.

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KidKnits is a complete, easy to implement, service-learning curriculum

The KidKnits curriculum integrates both reflection and action.  Lessons are included on creative problem solving, mathematics, world cultures, narrative play acting, and reflective journal writing.  We have created ten flexible lesson plans that can be used across disciplines or in a self-contained classroom setting.  Our lesson plan modules were developed for a 50-minute class session; each module introduces the service-learning content with background information and a hands-on group activity for approximately 20 minutes.  For the remainder of the lesson time, students are given an opportunity to loom knit their own KidKnits hat.  Step-by-step video and written instructions are included.  Students are able typically to complete their hats in approximately 2.5 hours of knitting time.  Round loom knitting, the KidKnits way, is enjoyable for both boys and girls.  The curriculum and craft are targeted for middle school students between the ages of nine and twelve, or grades 4-6.

Curriculum modules

  • What is poverty?
  • Resources do matter.
  • Leading with empathy.
  • Movements can change the world.
  • One 9 1/2″ round loom.
  • Where is “the other side of the world”?
  • The dignity of work.

Use one of the KidKnits curricula as designed or mix & match lesson plans. It’s up to you.

The KidKnits curricula, designed for fourth through sixth graders, are conceived as two independent, five module programs. However, many educators prefer to select modules that best fit their educational objectives and available time. All of the resources that are needed to bring KidKnits to your school, after-school program, church group, or any other student group are available for free download.

Additional curricula are currently under development for older and younger students. KidKnits will be piloting a new curriculum targeting 1st and 2nd grade students this fall. Contact us for more information about any of our new curriculum programs!

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All of the curriculum content available online is now packaged into a single workbook. It’s never been easier to bring KidKnits to your own classroom, church, or home!

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What lessons are taught through the KidKnits curriculum?

Our custom curricula offer comprehensive service-learning lessons. Students use a hands-on approach to experience concepts on world poverty, empathy, community activism, geography, and leadership. Our in-school curriculum is aligned with Specific Common Core educational standards. Our after-school curriculum enables classes with more time to dive more deeply into the KidKnits principles with fun and engaging activities. Both curricula include videos, detailed lesson plans, and student printables. Students are transformed as they identify with the women and families working with KidKnits and experience the power of service in their own lives.

A Unique, Hands-on, Service-learning opportunity for your school or youth group.

KidKnits was founded by a nine-year old knitter, Ellie, who believed that “You’re never too young to change a life on the other side of the world. Through the fair trade import of handspun yarn from women living and working in poverty in developing countries, KidKnits offers a simple craft kit for a student that is integrated with a comprehensive service learning curriculum. KidKnits is dedicated to two separate, yet uniquely connected goals. The first is to support dignity and sustainable employment for vulnerable families living in poverty in developing countries. The second is to honor our founder’s belief and inspire youth to help change lives around the world.

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Teacher Training Workshop

Understand what makes KidKnits such a unique and powerful service learning project.  Learn to knit the KidKnits way and discover how to bring this project to life in your classroom.

Ordering the teacher’s hat kits here will register you for one of our free teacher training workshops.  We will contact you by email with more details and to select your workshop date.

Training times will be:

In the Peoria area, training in person on Saturday September 17 from 10am to 12pm, location TBD based on response rate

Webinar training will be held on Tuesday evenings at 7pm to 9pm on August 30, September 27, and October 18.

Training Includes:

  • How to start knitting
  • How to finish your hat
  • Common mistakes and how to fix them
  • Bringing KidKnits to your classroom
  • How to structure the KidKnits program within your school day
  • Workbook activity review
  • Online supplemental resources available
  • How to integrate the KidKnits program with your service learning initiatives
All Participants will receive a coupon for a free kit and a workbook, with your classroom order.
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