Global Leadership

Education. Empathy. Empowerment.


Your students are about to embark on a journey that will focus on what it means to be a leader in our world today. They will have a chance to begin to think like a Global Leader – learning about unique cultures, experiencing the challenges facing our world today, and reflecting on their role in the future of our world. Is KidKnits a craft project? Yes! Your students will learn how to knit their very own hat. Is KidKnits a service project? Yes! Through knitting the KidKnits hat, your students are helping to support 35 women in Rwanda and 16 women in Chile with employment and empowerment to better their lives. Is KidKnits a leadership program? Yes! While your students are knitting their hats, they will also get a chance to reflect on what character traits make a global leader and they will get a chance to understand their own leadership style. Is KidKnits fun? Yes! With a variety of activities your students will move about the classroom, look through windows, build houses, and get downright crazy.


Student Workbook

This workbook contains all needed worksheets to accompany all five modules of the Global Leadership curriculum.  Printing and distributing this resource to your students will give them a single place for all of the KidKnits Global Leadership work.

Module 1: My Global Handprint

In this module, students will be introduced to the idea that everyone makes a mark on the world.  They will have an opportunity to brainstorm their talents which make up their Global Handprint and given an opportunity to reflect on the Global Handprint of two women working with KidKnits in Rwanda and Chile.

Module 2: Leading with Mirrors or Windows

In this module, students will be introduced to the concept of empathy, through a comparison of looking at the world through a mirror or through a window.  Students will discuss the challenges associated with trying to lead while only looking at a mirror, a metaphor for self-centeredness.  They will then discuss the effectiveness of leading through a window, a metaphor for empathy.

Module 3: Resources Matter

In this module, students will get a hands-on opportunity to understand the concept of resource distribution around the world.  Students will participate in creating miniature houses using one of three different country’s resource lists.  They will have an opportunity to witness and discuss the impact of resource inequity around the globe.

Module 4: Join a Movement!

In this module, students will get a hands-on opportunity to witness what can be accomplished when working together as a community.  Following a lively example, students will reflect on how they feel about being part of the KidKnits movement – changing lives around the world.

Module 5: My Other Side of the World


In this module, students will discuss the idea of “the other side of the world”, both physically and metaphorically, and be inspired to make changes in their own world.   Students will watch the short video, The Other Side of the World.


In this short video, students are shown that the other side of the world may be a place by Rwanda, but just as likely, it may be in their own city, school, neighborhood, or home

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