A week ago I had a blast teaching an enthusiastic Girl Scout troop about changing lives on the other side of the world through KidKnits; this troop is located in Washington, IL, a small town in central Illinois hit by a devastating tornado this morning. I found out that at least three of these girls lost their homes in today’s storm. 

Similarly, one of our greatest school partners, St. Joseph School in Pekin, Illinois, is also in the middle of great damage. After being dumbfounded that this kind of devastation happened so close to home and to fellow KidKnits Kids with such beautiful spirits and giving hearts, we knew that we needed to reach out to you to share their stories. 

In the spirit of connecting hearts and changing lives, KidKnits is beginning an online fundraiser campaign and will work with these inspiring groups to put all money raised to work on relief efforts within their communities. Go to this link:https://www.givlet.org/donate/Y6oP/ to donate. Or go to our website, www.kidknits.org, and click on our “Give Now” button, which will bring up the details of our fundraiser campaign. 

Make a donation of $10 and enter your shipping information and we will ship you a special KidKnits Kids backpack keychain craft kit.

We share with KidKnits Kids everyday that you can change lives on the “Other Side of the World” even when it is as far away as Rwanda, Chile, Kenya, and Liberia. Today, we are praying that you will also help change lives when the “Other Side of the World” is literally in our own community.