This past week I have been reminded about the importance of engagement and the beauty of the changing seasons.  Over the summer months, I’m not really a KidKnits mom.  It could be the warm weather, it could be having four kids under the same roof all the time, it could be me loving to be outside with those same four kids.  For all those reasons and a dozen more, I don’t focus much on KidKnits.  But then summer fades and seasons change, the weather is cooler in the morning and the trees in our backyard are showing the slightest tinge of color.  All of a sudden the idea of knitting hats and packing kits and especially teaching students about the KidKnits project seems to transition to the front of my mind.  As I transition my focus back to KidKnits during this season, I have to ask myself how I can let myself transition away during the warmer months.  I think the honest truth is that I forget the incredible power and beauty behind each ball of yarn, each handsewn bag, and each hand forged hat tag.  I forget the looks on the faces of students knitting something for the first time.  I forget the thoughtful looks on their faces when reading the biography of a woman who made their yarn.  I forget the power of this simple project.  And then I stop and reflect and feel an overwhelming gratitude for the transitioning seasons.  I am thankful for that gentle reminder in the depths of my heart when I feel the chillier air and notice the falling leaves.  That gentle reminder to reengage with KidKnits, reach out to our community, and share this powerful project.  I am humbled that I get to participate in a simple way as a simple mom in the beautiful stories of empowerment that are taking place with our partners around the world and in every classroom or home that participates in the KidKnits program.   I am humbled that I get to share my thoughts with each of you who support KidKnits.  I am humbled by the power of that gentle voice encouraging my heart to notice the change of seasons and reengage with something that really matters.


I got a Facebook note this week from someone who asked if we were still doing KidKnits (because I had been silent online) and that was another gentle wake up call that it was time to transition with the seasons.  Thanks for that reminder!  So between the laundry and the meals and the swim meets and the million other things that happen in our family during this time of year, I am excited to add the seasonal blessing of serving the KidKnits community.  May we all take the time to enjoy the changes in the air and reflect on the seasonal blessings that give our life rhythm and meaning.  If KidKnits is part of your seasonal tune, please reach out to me.  Let me know how I can help bring KidKnits to your school, troop, youth group, family, or community.  It’s an honor for me to work with you; it’s an honor for me to work for the families around the world that are involved with KidKnits.  Join me in reengaging.  I promise that the families that are involved with KidKnits are worth every second of effort that you (and I) put forth.  So let’s start this new season knitting and blogging and teaching and changing the world together.  Because you’re never too young (or too busy) to change a life on the other side of the world.  God bless you.