We at KidKnits are very excited about a developing relationship with Bradley University, especially the Leadership and Public Service Fellows Program.  Through this program, 15 students are selected each year to be a part of this scholarship program based on their outstanding volunteer records.  We were invited by Katie McGinn, Director of the Burger Center to speak to the Fellows group in January, and we were very pleased that after hearing the KidKnits story, three of the fellows volunteered to work with KidKnits.  We have benefited greatly already from their energy and creativity,  Kristen Jensen is working on our retail presence, and has already brought forward several new ideas to improve our retail packaging and presence.   Matt Sullivan and Nicole Carey are working with us on the curriculum development and education side of KidKnits.  This week they had their first experience in a classroom with KidKnits, and their excitement for the project is infectious.  Thanks to Bradley University for attracting such impressive young citizens and for allowing them an opportunity to help change the world with KidKnits.