One of the two primary missions of KidKnits is educating American youth.  We believe that through our simple craft, we are uniquely positioned to bring some very important messages to American youth.  First, it is important for all of our children to be aware of poverty in the world – that many kids worldwide do not have access to opportunities that our children may take for granted.  Second, that we are all called to help those who are in need of help.  Finally, and most importantly, that independent of age, we all can make a difference.  KidKnits was founded upon Ellie’s belief that “You’re never too young to make a difference”.

In order to accomplish this educational mission, we at KidKnits have been working very hard on developing a curriculum that, when paired with the craft kit, can be brought directly into a classroom and teach these very important lessons, while aligning with grade level core curriculum requirements.  We have been fortunate to work with some incredibly talented curriculum development experts, and are nearly finished developing five modules.

We are also very fortunate to have two very dedicated pilot partners signed up and ready to bring KidKnits into their classroom.  One is a local private Christian school, the other is a public school.  In one case we will be working with fifth graders, in the other with fourth graders.  While we are very excited about these two pilot programs, we would love to have a third pilot partner.  If you are a parent, teacher or school administrator, please contact us to learn more.