It was our honor to have KidKnits recently a part of the Acton Academy in Austin, Texas.  Under Anna Blabey Smith’s leadership, Acton implemented many pieces of the KidKnits curriculum, and led a very lively discussion.  The students were asked to consider several questions, the following among them:

  • Whose responsibility is it to create opportunities for people struggling with poverty: the people struggling, individuals (like Ellie), larger organizations, or the government?  
  • Is it better to help others by giving them money, by giving them a job, or by doing something else?
  • Would you rather buy soft, brightly colored, uniform yarn that is made out of synthetic materials in a factory, or natural, hand-made yarn that is not as soft, bright, or uniform?
  • How could you take something you love to do to come up with a business that could help others?  

For Anna’s summary of what the students thought about these questions and the KidKnits project overall, see her summary in the Week 33 section here: