Moments.”  Short, priceless, memory making moments that etch themselves into your life and being, are how I, as the mom, mark this family adventure and mission that is known as KidKnits.  Moments like when Ellie had a chance to meet the ladies of True Vineyard Ministries in Rwanda.  Moments when my husband and I get frustrated when the kids don’t want to help count balls of yarn on inventory day.  Moments when we feel so grateful for our children and their sense of service and global worldview.   Moments when the full impact that the experience of knitting a KidKnits hat has had on hundreds of students as evident in a proud grin or a high five.  And moments when we sit back and realize the foundation for this journey began in the heart of a nine-year old girl who is now a tween.  A tween who likes Instagram and sometimes forgets to ask us before she picks up her ipod.  A tween with Ancient Greece homework projects and a new volleyball team and the tryouts for the school musical coming around the corner.  A tween, like so many, who is wonderful and caring, insightful and wise, emotional and dramatic, and so very real in her enthusiasm for life’s experiences.  It is in the spirit of “moments” that we share this article that was recently published in Discovery Girls magazine.   The publication of this article is a moment in our tween’s life that excited her, inspired her, and filled her with a sense of pride and a moment in this mom’s life when KidKnits and Ellie, her age and her innocence, her heart and her style, her honesty and her authenticity, combined into a special moment for all of us.