Throughout the young life of the KidKnits project, having enough yarn to satisfy the demand has been a great challenge.  So, it is with great excitement that I can share three pieces of good news coming from our partner, True Vineyard Ministries, all within the past 36 hours.  From short term to long term:

1. Over 80 balls of yarn are currently finished in Rwanda, and will be coming back to Austin before the end of May.  As the widows continue to work, there is a good chance we will receive over 100 balls by the end of this month.

2. The TVM shepherd, Everiste, has returned from a trip to find alternative sources of raw merino wool for the women to convert to KidKnits yarn.  He has returned with 60 kilograms of wool, which should be enough to make over 350 balls of yarn, and more importantly, keep the entire team of women very busy spinning and dyeing!

3. Two baby merino lambs were born yesterday, unexpectedly.  While it will be many months before they are ready to be shorn for their wool, it is a wonderful gift to see have these two new babies.