Get ready for KidKnits!  KidKnits is heaquartered in Austin, Texas but plans to have impact around the world! 

Kid Knits is an interactive craft kit for children that can teach a child to create their very own knit hat. Inside each kit there is a small loom, knitting needle and hook, and enough organic hand-spun wool yarn for one adult sized hat. Great for gifts, a Kid Knits kit provides hours of fun, education, and involvement for any child. But the story of each Kid Knits craft kit starts far from here, in Rwanda.  Rwandan widows, working for True Vineyards ministries, are paid an exceptional wage to harvest and hand-spin wool yarn that is both 100% organic and very high-quality. The yarn is then colored using all-natural plants and dyes that are indigenous to Rwanda. Even the bag used to carry Kid Knits kits is hand-sewn batik fabric made by our Rwandan partner, Amahoro ava Hejuru. In this way, we support people desperately in need of our support, provide a fun and interactive craft project for children of all ages, and teach children about responsible charity and altruism through our story. Our goal is to sell enough yarn to fully employ ten widows in Rwanda throughout 2011, with even more supported as we grow.